Audio/Video Connector

8-pin DIN plug location
8-pin DIN plug

Note: The connector used is a full size 8-pin 262° DIN, also known as the ‘horse-shoe’ type. A 270° DIN plug does NOT fit without violence.

The 8-pin DIN (audio/video) connector can output several different video signals, for each type you need a special assembled cable.

Output signals

  • Composite (CVBS) (PAL)
  • S-Video (PAL)
  • RGB (PAL)

The Composite and S-Video cables are the same as you use for the original Commodore 64.


8-pin DIN plug
Pin Modulated Color RGB Mode
1 Luma (Y) Green
2 Ground Ground
3 Audio Out Left Audio Out Left
4 Composite (Y+C) Red
5 Audio Out Right Audio Out Right
6 Chroma (C) Blue
7 Not used CSync
8 Not used Fast Switching


The audio outputs have consumer electronic line levels (Line Out) and need to be connected to an external amplifier.


The video signals on pin 1, 4 and 6 have a source impedance of 75 Ohms, with standard 1V-peak video levels. In the modulated color mode, Luma and Composite contain sync information (-0.3V), while Chroma does not. The video blanking of the VIC output has been corrected, and is now in accordance with specification.

The PAL output is non-interlaced, with a field rate of 50.2 Hz, and line rate of 15.639 kHz.

The Fast Switching output is a 1.5V fixed ‘high’ output signal (when terminated with 75 Ohms), that is used on SCART to enable RGB mode. The CSYNC output is a sync-only output that is needed on the SCART signal as a replacement of the composite video or luma signal. In RGB mode, there is no sync information in either R, G or B; i.e. no ‘sync-on-green’.

Build your own RGB Scart cable


Pinout U64 & SCART

Pinout U64 & SCART
Pin U64 video port Pin SCART
1 Green 11 RGB Green
2 Ground 4 and pin 5,9,13, 21(Shell)
3 Audio Out Left 6 Audio Input Left
4 Red 15 RGB Red
5 Audio Out Right 2 Audio Input Right
6 Blue 7 RGB Blue
7 Csync 20 Composite video input
8 Fast switching 16 RGB Selection, 1-3V = RGB