User Interface

The Ultimate-64 provides a user friendly menu driven interface, which can be accessed by pressing the multi button (power) briefly.

There are two modes in which this user interface can operate:

  1. Freeze mode

  2. Overlay mode

In Freeze mode, pressing the power button briefly will interrupt the currently running program on the C=64 and show the menu. Leaving the menu will resume the C=64 gracefully. This mode of operation works on both PAL and HDMI outputs.

In Overlay mode, pressing the power button briefly will show the menu in an overlayed area on the screen. The C=64 will simply continue running, but the keyboard is switched over to the Ultimate application, as long as this overlay screen is visible. Pressing run-stop in the file browser, or pressing the power button again briefly will make the overlay disappear.

The user interface has three main functions:

  1. File browser

  2. Configuration of the Ultimate 64 (F2)

  3. Tool menu (F5)

File browser

The menu starts with showing the available network interfaces, and the storage devices that are attached to the cartridge. By default, it will only show the built-in Flash drive, a RAM disk for temporary file storage and the built-in Ethernet port. When USB-sticks are inserted, one or more items will appear in this list. This screen is the ‘root’ of the file system.

Use the cursor keys to navigate through the file system and select your file (disk image) to mount. The highlighted line shows the current selection.

F2 - configuration menu

Use the UP/DOWN cursor keys to navigate and RIGHT to enter the desired configuration screen. Once inside a settings screen, the behavior of the keyboard is slightly different:



CRSR up/down

Move the cursor (highlighted line) up/down

  • / -

Increase or decrease a setting, cycling through the available options.

DEL / CRSR left

Go one level up

Return / Space

For string fields: bring up a text entry box For enumerated fields: bring up a context menu with the available options


Leave the configuration menu.

Note that some values will only take effect after reset or a power cycle of your C=64. However, the main menu provides a way to restart the 1541 and the C=64 with the new settings.

F5 - Tool / Command menu

The purpose of the tool menu is to command the Ultimate application to do something that is not related to the selected entry in the file browser menu. For instance, creating a new disk image or directory is such an ‘action’ that can be performed using the tool menu. Some options might appear / disappear, or be greyed out depending on the state of the application, or based on whether the current file browser directory is writable. For instance, Create Directory is available only when the file browser is in a location were directories can be created.

More information about each of the available options can be found in the description of the Ultimate Application itself, with all of its features.

The Joystick switch on Ultimate 64 Elite boards

The Ultimate 64 Elite bords have the additional feature to swap the joystick ports. This feature is useful when playing different games, each one expecting the joystick on a different port. If you have only one joystick plugged in, you can use it to change the port at a time. To change the port first press the power button. Now the file selection screen will pop up. now press the Commodore key and the “J” key on the keyboard. The Ultimate 64 Elite now will automatically close the menu and jump back to your C64 screen. Repeat the steps above to again switch the port.