Tape Support


The Ultimate products are capable of emulating a cassette tape deck (CBM1530/1531). To use this function on the Ultimate-II+, a special adapter set connects the cartridge to the tape port of your C=64 computer. This tape adaptor set can be purchased separately. On the Ultimate 64, such a cable is not required, as it is built-in.

In order to play a tape, browse in the menu to a .TAP file, and press enter and select “Play Tape” from the popup menu. This will initialize the tape streamer from the start of the tape. Use functions in the main menu (F5) to pause/resume playback. It is also possible to write the .TAP file to a real tape, using a CBM1530/1531 deck.

Tape signals can also be captured into a .TAP file. The ‘F5’ menu will show you the available options.


How do I use T64 files?

T64 is a file format, or rather a container, just like D64 disk image. It can contain multiple PRG files. You can simply enter the container by pressing CRSR-RIGHT to see the contents and start the PRG files using the contextual menu pop up, by choosing to run the c64 program.

Applies to: Ultimate 1541-II, Ultimate 1541-II+, Ultimate 64